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Special International Edition 2012

A new perspective on Project Executive Search Consulting

Projects are the engine of business success and project teams are their Achilles heel. Ideally, the right people work together in a team towards a specific target and support one another with their knowledge and skills. However, looking for and selecting the right people is often more time-consuming and costly than planned. You are lucky if you can access a professional with a Project Management background. This saves not only time but also training costs and at the same time provides valuable stimuli for staff development.

Project Executive Search - Looking for and finding talent

This is where the new business model of Tiba Personalberatung comes into its own. In early 2010 the starting gun for Tiba Personalberatung sounded with the clear aim of offering PM skill and expertise in project staffing packaged under one roof. Customers are comprehensively and efficiently supported at reasonable cost when selecting project managers and experts for vacant posts. Our project executive search consultants look for and place managers and experts with a project background to fill vacant posts (permanent employment). We look after the whole procedure and put only the best on our customers' shortlist - from identifying and directly approaching potential candidates in the applicant market through checking their suitability for the advertised post to making detailed recommendation of the best candidate.

We concentrate on the following experts and managers in Project Management from a variety of industries:

The added value for customers is obvious: whilst there is any number of established project executive search consulting companies, none specializes in the project environment. After 23 years' Project Management, Tiba consultants have expert knowledge of the market and know exactly what matters and what makes a really good project manager.

Aptitude diagnostics - discovering and promoting talent

When selecting a manager or PM specialist it is not only such criteria as diplomas and certificates or the number of years in the job that count. In order to identify the suitable candidate for the advertised job, we also examine the applicant's soft skills, which he offers in addition to his specialist know-how and individual (management) skills. It is precisely the "soft" factors, which are so important in terms of the requirements of project business and which are decisive in the success of a project.

This "potential analysis" is conducted at Tiba Personalberatung in a structured process. One of the tools that we deploy in aptitude diagnostics is the Tiba Skill-Check® - an instrument that we have tried and tested over many years to identify and rate PM, management and social skills.

As certified TMS consultants, we also work with the extensive, validated "Team Management System" profile. TMS is an excellent method of, for example, bringing together a team based on the abilities and skills of the members, so that all the relevant fields are covered - from "discovering promoter" through "informative consultant" to "systematic implementer ".


Summary: The aim of our aptitude diagnostic service is to rate individuals (applicants or employees) as well as groups of specialists and managers with regard to their potential. We not only produce detailed profiles but also give, amongst other things, actual recommendations with respect to

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Alexander Scheel Alexander Scheel
Managing Director, Tiba Personalberatung GmbH

"Project Management" runs like a thread through Alexander Scheel's career. From 1999 to 2009 Alexander Scheel worked for Tiba Managementberatung as a consultant, trainer, key account manager and managing director. Following project and management duties in international groups and medium-sized industrial companies, the graduate economist is now Managing Director of Tiba Personalberatung GmbH.

Project Executive Search Consulting on Tiba quality and Tiba conditions

  • The innovative fee model of Tiba Personalberatung clearly distinguishes us from competitors.
  • Unlike many other established consulting companies, we have severed the link between consulting costs and the salary of the candidates, thus making the hitherto costly "Project Executive Search Consulting" more reasonable.
  • This enables companies to achieve potential savings of up to 50% when filling vacant posts using external support and to have confidence in finding the right person for the job.

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Managing Director
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