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Special International Edition 2012

Guarantor of success: PM Check

One of our customers, market unit of one of the four large energy industry groups in Germany commissioned us to carry out a "PM Check". This product, developed by Tiba, has been successfully used for many years where Project Management standards have to be established throughout the company, dovetailed with the line organization and successfully lived in the project organizations.

Particularly in energy supply companies, a significant part of value creation and innovation occurs through projects. Apart from business management aspects, reputation with customers and business partners is also at stake - not least because of the high visibility of projects to the outside world, as is the case, for example, when a power station is modernized. Efficient Project Management in this industry is quite simply the criterion of success.

Basis of decision-making: Shortcomings in project work

The energy supplier decided to carry out a Tiba "PM Check" for several reasons:

It was the aim of the company to create transparency in respect of the success criteria in future, based on a controlled project procedure and thus make it possible to measure the success of the project. The bases for this were to be created with the help of the "PM Check".

The diagram represents the analysis results following the interview phase of the Tiba "PM Check". The blue line is the consolidated assessment result of those questioned and the red line reflects the assessment of the consultant.

Procedure / measure: The Tiba "PM Check"

The "PM Check" is the quickest way to set-up the preconditions for the further implementation of successful project organization and uniform project standards. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a project organization, Project Management standards, develops clear procedures for missing content and initiates their operative implementation.
In line with the objectives of our client, the Tiba consultants proceeded as follows:

Step one: PM analysis

Step two: Recommended actions/measures

Result: Immediately noticeable measures

Today, there are clear fields of action approved by the management, broken down according to the Tiba-Coordinates, as well as a detailed implementation plan, which takes account of the special features of the energy supplier with regard to headquarters and power station sites. The way towards successful project organization has been smoothed.
Several of the identified weaknesses were already tackled directly and rectified, so that improvements were immediately noticeable and quick wins very early on led to positive feedback at all levels.

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