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Examples of our work



Real life examples

Selected examples of our work.


Creation and implementation of a Project Management Academy

Example: Voith Paper Holding GmbH und Co. KG

Complex tasks, high investment volumes, and the need to work together for a large number of stakeholders, both at home and overseas are the challenges at Voith Paper. The company management realized that efficient Project Management provided competitive advantages. A worldwide, holistic Project Management culture was required. Together with Tiba Managementberatung, the company created its own Project Management Academy.

Project details:

  • Potentiality analysis to ensure training based on business need
  • Three-stage qualification model
  • Universally-integrated curriculum
  • Case studies
  • Choice of training institute and trainer
  • Independent qualification concept


Qualification program for project managers

Example: MTU Aero Engines, Munich

Qualified project managers well versed in management techniques and capable of motivating and leading teams of enthusiastic specialists are a key asset when it comes to the success of a project. Establishing a climate and culture of interdisciplinary cooperation in individual projects and in the organization as a whole is an important influence on the degree to which resources are managed economically, and also influences the ability to react

Project details:

  • Training needs workshop (analysis of training requirements)
  • Sequencing of training content as training modules, with emphases on: (1) project kick-off, (2) project controlling, (3) project close-out
  • Pilot training course, with subsequent analysis and fine tuning of the content
  • Parallel ‘homework’, allowing transfer of lessons learned to real life situations
  • Support of knowledge transfer


Optimizing project management

Example: Deutscher Sparkassen und Giroverband, Berlin

A powerful project management system was developed in collaboration with Tiba. A customized package of measures was produced quickly implemented to improve long-term project management within the organization. Projects are now systematically and strategically planned, authorized and carried out. Increased transparency reduced redundant  work.

Project details:

  • Project budgeting methods
  • Introduction of project controlling
  • Standadized project management processes
  • Creation of a project management department
  • Role definitions for the Project Management organization
  • Methodology aids for project managers
  • Training concept for project managers


Support as project manager in information processing

Example: Siemens Business Services

Using experienced project managers, Tiba Managementberatung routed out resource bottlenecks, and client projects could carried out successfully. The project manager undertook coordination and handling of projects in information processing, within agreed deadlines, costs and results.

Project details:

  • The development of a project infrastructure
  • Creation of project definitions
  • Project structuring and planning
  • Creating and management of project teams
  • Project follow-up and risk management
  • Information of external and internal management committees
  • Project close-out


Ensuring delivery in series production

Example: Lear Corporation GmbH & Co KG, Bratislava

A number of prerequisites for qualitatively and quantitatively optimized inventory are needed to avoid down times and enable absolute delivery security for the customer. They include stable, harmonized and documented material handling processes, improved relationships with suppliers, clear identification of project team members with their project and a strong team culture.

Project details:

  • Holistic process analysis and optimization
  • Controlling he process chain between Lear and its suppliers (meeting deadlines, reducing freight costs, quality assurance)
  • Transparent logistics cost planning
  • Assured retrofitting at assembly, including controlling
  • Preparation and supervision of successful JIT audits with the end customer
  • Scrap rate transparency and suitable measures to reduce scrap
  • Troubleshooting in crisis situations


Setting of up a global "Roche Diagnostics Global PM Curriculum"

Example Project: F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division

In 2003, Roche Diagnostics conceived and introduced the "Roche Diagnostics Global PM Curriculum" with the support of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH. Since then, Roche Diagnostics has qualified its project leaders globally according to a uniform standard and offers certification to Project Management Professional level in accordance with the PMI (Project Management Institute). In doing so, Roche placed particular value on training the management competencies of its project leaders with the additional aim of offering high potentials a real perspective in the company through adoption of project responsibility.

Project details:

  • Upstream analysis of potential for assuring needs-based training
  • Continuous qualification concept at three levels:
    PM Start-up program, Project leadership program (e.g. entrepreneurship and leadership, managing stakes and conflicts, etc.), senior project manager and executive programs
  • Optional range of qualification measures such as case studies, coaching and communities of practice
  • Independent certification concept through PMI


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