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References - quotes from our clients



Quotes from our clients

Our reference portfolio includes more than 400 renowned companies from a wide array of industries. We have been assisting more than half of our clients for many years.

„A high degree of employee integration in the company. One can sense the strong "team feeling“ at Tiba. Staff is technically qualified which is confirmed by the certifications. That conveys Tiba’s good reputation to the client and creates trust (…). Tiba flexibly addresses the client’s requests and is particularly flexible when working with the client, and the same goes for its consultants.“

Carsten Wagner, Sub-Division Manager NF-G/2, Volkswagen AG Nutzfahrzeuge [Utility Vehicles]


„We approached the issue of project management globaly and across programs. In order to do this, we sought professional support. (…) Thanks to the the expertise and support from Tiba`s many resoures, the goal (development of a project engineering office) was reaches at the fullest extent. We would really like to have Tiba consultants and trainers from Tiba on-board in the future as well(…). The following apects were particulary noteworthy during cooperation: Tiba was very transparent with its know-how and its application to the assignment. Their approach was  sustainable and proactive (...)“

Christof Veeh, Manager of the Project Engineering Office TEP, MTU Aero Engines


„Tiba Managementberatung [Management Consulting] distinguishes itself from the other consulting firms above all through its holistic approach to project management (Tiba Coordinate Model). All of the consultants that Tiba employs boast a high degree of technical and personal competency and reliability. The interactions with the Tiba Technology Center for questions about PM software also function very well. Tiba always acts as a team of consultants. Consulting at Tiba appears rely on a strong theoretical framwork and, by the same token, on practical implementation “help to self-help”.

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Herz, E.ON Generation Germany, E.ON Kernkraft GmbH


„Our project features an international, interdisciplinary project team with various cultures and a very tight timetable until serial production can begin. For this challenging project environment, we see Tiba and its experts as competent partners in vehicle project management. We noted a great deal of technical expertise trust and respect during this cooperation in the project management. These factors for success are crucial for seamless vehicle start-up operations in China (…)“

Thorsten Lange, A-Class Project Manager (Group’s Developmental Controlling Regions), Volkswagen AG


„Having an independent, outside monitor has the advantage – without being confined to the past – to name the weak points of the organization, break through thought patterns and, in so doing, be the door-opener for change. The open discussion with Tiba and joint drafting of recommendations for change as a noticeable cultural change, reveal how the work was accepted.“

Andreas Kraut, Chief Technology and Sales Officer, Jetter AG


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