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Tiba Managementberatung GmbH
25 years of experience and know-how in project management


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27 years of experience and know-how in project management

1989 Founding of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH [Management Consulting] in Munich/Germany

1990 First large-scale consulting assignment to introduce project management to Mercedes Benz AG, Passenger Vehicle Division

1991 First major consulting assignment from Brose Fahrzeugteile [vehicle parts] GmbH & Co KG, Coburg based upon the Tiba Coordinate Axes model

1992 Major consulting assignment from Daimler Benz AG, Research & Technology Division based upon the Tiba Coordinate Axes model

1994 Commission for the introduction of project management to Deutsche Postbank

1995 Assignment for a uniform PM concept for the national organization of a leading savings group in Germany - sales tripled versus 1994

1997 Bundling of IT competence with the founding of the subsidiary Tiba Software Center GmbH in Berlin/Germany

1998 Till H. Balser quits consulting work to concentrate full-time on corporate management and sales. First officially-certified training partner of the PMI® (Project Management Institute) in Germany

1999 Restructuring as a pool organization consisting of consultants, trainers and project managers to promote know-how transfer among the different services

2000 “Excellence in Project Management” becomes the company’s slogan and its mission statement

2002 Expansion of the seminar offerings and takeover of the Project Academy from Babcock Borsig

2003 Introduction of the five-level qualification model for project managers and consultants/trainers

2006 The year of internationalization: international assignments make up a total of nearly 40 % of the sales at Tiba Managementberatung [Management Consulting]

2008 Expansion of the business activities to the American market; founding of Tiba LLC in Detroit to support clients on-site in North America

2010 Formation of further subsidiaries: for Project Service (Tiba Projektservice GmbH, Munich/Germany), Executive Search (Tiba Personalberatung GmbH, Hannover/Germany), Open PM Seminars (Heidelberg School of Applied Project Management GmbH, today Tiba Business School GmbH, Munich/Germany) and another international subsidiary Tiba España Project Management Consulting S.L. (Barcelona/Spain)

2011 The most successful year in the company’s history with a total sales of more than
13 million euros

2012 Implementation of a central Knowledge Management System for the entire group; piloting “Virtual Training” as a completely new learning method at the international level: first German company to be accepted in the “Registered Consulting Program” of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®

2013 “Passion for Projects” becomes the company’s slogan and its mission statement

2014 Twenty-five year anniversary of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH


Tiba Managementberatung GmbH

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