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Your participants are in good hands with us

Significant effort is required in the planning and implementation of training measures. People are often unaware of this fact until confronted with the associated tasks. This is why it helps to have an experienced and competent partner by your side.

Here is an overview of the services we provide for you:

Seminar management

  • Conference rooms are selected in close collaboration with the client
  • The client advertises the seminar internally, and participants then register directly with Tiba >/li>

Participant Management

  • Invitations are sent to participants for each seminar
  • Participants are provided with all relevant information (date, time, location, prerequisites – e.g. a preliminary consultation with a superior, e-learning etc.)
  • Rebooking is processed, new seminars are sought out where necessary, new participants are incorporated and informed, registration for e-learning etc.
  • Hotel rooms are booked
  • Certificates of participation are created in advance and sent to the seminar location
  • Documentation is prepared (where applicable) and sent to the seminar location
  • Implementation and analysis of the evaluation and monitoring of the learning transfer process
  • Creation of photo log
  • Evaluation of feedback questionnaires
  • Evaluation for training supervision

Speakers Management

  • Appointment scheduling with the coach

Hotel Management

  • Arrangement of accommodations
  • Arrangement of billing
  • Briefing regarding requirements for accommodations and seminar rooms, seminar schedule, breaks, meal times, etc.


We organize numerous training sessions during years of intensive cooperation with our clients.

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