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Your advisor for human resource development

We define HR development as the interaction between measures that empower employees, departments and entire organizations to tackle their tasks and take on new challenges. Our range of services in HR development includes consultation, implementation of human resource tools and the management of entire projects.

Our strengths for your Success

We support HR development and your company’s senior management in empowering your employees.

In addition to the classic model of the management career, we also work with you to develop professional careers and careers in project management. This contributes to the development professional of a new generation of qualified professionals as well as succession planning in your company. We also provide support for job rotation, which is finding increasingly broad support and boosts employee motivation.

Our work is pragmatic and goal-oriented:

  • Definition of objectives
  • Implementation of needs assessment
  • Determining measures to be taken
  • Implementation of measures
  • Evaluation and feedback

In our work, we use both our own tools, such as the Tiba Skill Check®, as well as established tools in HR development, such as 360° feedback.

Your Benefits

We have the in-house resources to monitor and support the entire process. We take charge of analyses and the elaboration and implementation of HR development conceptsbegleiten.

As your consultant and sparring partner, we can handle individual task packages or manage entire HR development projectsBerater.

Our qualifications: 25 years' experience in consulting and access to an international network of consultants with various qualifications and specializations.

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